Fashion Obsession Friday: Hair Jewelry

Good Morning Glamazons! Today’s fashion obsession is a fave of mine, as I have recently have become obsessed with hair accessories! Lately I have been seeing tons of celebrity and fashion bloggers donning hair baubles and fancy stuffs in their hair and I’m intrigued! Below I’m showing you a few of my favorite things as I am trying to figure out how t o rock the hell outta these super cute styles in my very kinky hair…lol!

Baublebar has caught on to the trend and now has a line of hair jewelry that looks absolutely stunning! Check out these pieces! You can click on the pictures to go directly to the site and purchase!







These three are the hair ornaments that spoke the most to me, but there are a few more to choose from! There are also stores on that sell these kinds of hair thingees too! Check them out and lemme know what you think! Oh, and also, if you have any cool ideas of fashion obsession features, send them to me at [email protected]. Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next week, stay fabulous dolls!


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