The Shatterproof AND Talented Trena Darby!!!

We suspect that we have some of the most gorgeous, smart, and talented readers, subbies, and followers to strut God’s green earth, but it’s always wonderful when we see first hand what y’all are working with! Trena Darby is a talented stunner from the south, and she’s sent over some gorgeous works of art…crafted by HERSELF! I was so taken by her pieces that I had to find out more! Read on to find out more about this truly Shatterproof artist!

1.Where do you live and what do you do?
Well I live in Alabama, yes I’m a southern girl !!!! I do my art Full time and I’m a Office Manager as well so I stay pretty busy !!!

long have you been painting?

Well, for as long as a remember I have always loved drawing. I remember drawing these big headed girls with these long dresses in the cover of every one of my Mom’s encyclopedia’s (sorry Mom!) I had never painted. It wasn’t until I stumbled on to Kelly Rae Roberts’ blog and started reading her story that I became really excited and  inspired to do this Art Thang!!! So, about 2 yrs ago I picked up a paint brush and haven’t put it down since !!!!

3.How would you describe your  artwork?
I would describe it as New, Fresh, Urban, and Funky !!!

can our readers find you?

  • Sherica

    Darn, I was hoping she lived in Tampa.  Her art work is amazing :-) !

  • Sherica

    Oh yeah, and her blog is awesome too!

  • India Strivingforsuccess Warde

    Yeah she is refreshing.. funky fresh. :)

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