Shatterproof Sista: Aaliyah

Hey Dolls!  Now we all know that there was nothing on Earth that was gonna stop me from posting Aaliyah as one of our Shatterproof Sista’s of the month right?  Many of us who grew up in the 90′s remembering listening to the soft cooing of Aaliyah’s voice over sick hip hop beats like ” If Your Girl Only Knew” and “Are You That Somebody.”  But Aaliyah was more than just a sweet voice and killer dance moves, she had a giving heart as well.  In life as well as in death Aaliyah continues to raise breast cancer awareness via the Aaliyah Memorial Fund continues to sponsor Revlon/UCLA Breast Cancer Research Program, the National Breast Cancer Coalition and Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Research.  Family and close friends remember Aaliyah for her humbling spirit and compassion that went much farther than her music but also into the hearts of those it touched.  R.I.P Aaliyah

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