Just A Lil Hair Inspiration Fo Ya Lyfe….

Ok, so do y’all remember one of our dolls on display from last year named Crystal Nicole? She is a breast cancer survivor who went from low fade to kick ass fro in just a couple of years!




WELL, y’all….lookie here:


That’s Ms. Nicole’s hair NOW folks! Now lemme just say, Nicole has become one of my good and possible ONLY friends in Decatur and  I see her ever so often. However, I had NO idea that she was harvesting all of this on her head! It looks fabulous, don’t it though? So yea, I’m posting this because I want for you gorgeous dolls out there who are new to your natural hair journey to know that long hair is possible, it just takes a little patience and time! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls! Oh, and if you wanna revisit her story, click here: DOD

  • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Sherica

    *sucks teeth* I can’t, I’m going to sleep lol. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

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