Introducing Our New Guest Writer Tyronda S. Gaskins!

Hello out there in Doll Land,

My name it Tyronda Gaskins. Some call me Ronda, Ty, Ron G. (that’s my thug name) and even Shena (my middle name: pronounced Shu-nay). You can call me whichever one you choose or make up a new one.  Any who…..enough about my gazillion names and whatnot, let’s get to who I am.

I am a 21 year old southern gal, born and raised in South Carolina. I am PROUD to be a southern girl! I love my grits, my tea has to be sweet and y’all & ain’t are words in MY dictionary! I am a senior at Winthrop University who is DESTINED AND DETERMINED to graduate December 2013 *insert praise break here*. I will be receive my MASTERS in health care management. I plan to own an assisted living facility within the next 7-10 years. *I love the elderly!*

Aside from school I am getting married to my boyfriend (now turned fiancé) of 3 years. I love this man <3. He has been there for me and loved me until I learned to love myself the way he does. He is just great! The best part though, is that he accepts all of my weird quirkiness! lol! I can’t ask for anything more!

On to what you have been waiting for (drum roll please)…..…I am a natural *does bankhead bounce*!!!!! I have been relaxer free since May of 2012. I big chopped in September and have been fully natural almost a year and 7 months. I must say it has been a journey but one that I am proud to have started.

So that’s me in a small nut shell. If you let me continue then there would be pages and pages about me so I’m just going to cut it short! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected].


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