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Howdy dolls! I have a special treat for you guys today! I’m bringing back Dolls on Display, and kicking it back off with a very gorgeous natural. Dolls, meet Maria Antoinette of The Maria Antoinette blog! I’ve seen her on Instagram several times, (@Maria_Antoinette is where you can find her), and she always looks flawless! Her hair is always done to perfection and she gets so creative with her hair, that her transformations are dizzying! She’s sickening y’all. Lemme stop drooling and let her tell you a little bit more about who she is and what she does. Read on!

Where do you reside and what’s the name of your blog?

I live in Knoxville,TN. with my Husband and 22 month old Son. My blog is and you can also catch me over on my YouTube channel MariaAntoinetteTV.

What was your family’s reaction to you going natural?

They didn’t react I’m very strong willed so they let me be…lol

What is one hair product that you cannot do without?

Just one… Hmmm conditioner I suppose lol! 

 Biggest mistake you’ve made since going natural?

My biggest mistake if I dare to call it this is not taking the time to learn my hair sooner.  No horror stories per say.


Do you have any hair wisdom you’d like to share with other natural beauties?  

Take the time to learn your hair. Focus on your hair porosity, this is a crucial part of gaining healthy hair. 

What is your original hair regimen?

Ha, I am a lazy natural so I don’t do much, I condition prior to wetting my hair. This allows my hair to soften and that allows me to work out all shed hair without any hassle. I shampoo and sometimes I condition again and sometimes I don’t. But I always apply a leave in and seal with a light weight oil, Argan is my hairs fav. I proceed with my style with is normally a twist set that I later wear untwisted, a twist-out. 

What made you decide to go natural?

I went natural unintentionally, through wearing sewins. I stayed natural to have freedom to color my hair. 


Who do you look up to for hair inspiration if anyone?
I’m inspired by all natural or not… Hair to me is just that hair… I’m not limited but a style due to my texture so I’m inspired by all things hair. 

Sigh….Doesn’t she just make you wanna go out and buy every pack of Marley braiding hair, and Kanekalon braids in the world?!?!? Her natural hair is so amazing too, I just can’t cope with how fierce she is!  If you want more of Maria, you can find her on her blog The Maria Antoinette! You can also find her on Youtube here and on Facebook here! Check her out y’all! She’s amazing!


Do you know any beautiful bloggers or Instagramers that are inspiring others to be their best, brightest, and most beautiful selves and look great doing it? Drop me a line and put me on! My email address is [email protected]! I’d LOVE to hear from you!  

  • Alisha

    I just love me some Maria!!! I’ve had the chance to meet and hang out with her when she’s in Nashville

    • Taneica

      She us so gorgeous!!!

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