Doll On Display for the month of July: Ostralia

It has been FOR.EVER since we’ve had a Doll On Display feature! Imagine my excitement when I got an email from a lovely lady who wanted to feature her daughter! She attached some pictures, and as soon as I saw how stunning she was, I knew I just HAD to feature her! See for yourself!


Where do you reside and what do you do?

I live Los Angles, California. Currently, I am a full time student at FIDM and my major is apparel Industry Management. Outside of school, I work with the owner of Mink shoes( a vegan shoe company) as an executive assistant. In my spare time I love designing, writing, and making music.

What was your family’s reaction to you going natural?

At first, it was really gradual because I chose to shave my head one year for fun, after a while I decided to grow my hair out. So it wasn’t a huge shock right away, but as my hair started getting longer my mom would say I need a hair cut or ask me if I want a relaxer. Starting from no hair was cool for me because I got to see my hair for what it really is. Sometimes friends and family would joke around about my hair looking nappy that day or dry or tumble weed, but it never discouraged me. Ultimately, everyone thought it was cool and beautiful.

What is one hair product that you cannot go without?

Coconut oil! It keeps my hair and scalp moisturized. Not only do curls looks the best when moisturized but they form better too. Also, if you dye your hair this will save your hair’s life.

photo 4 (1)

Do you have any hair wisdom you’d like to share with our other natural beauties?

You do not need to spend a lot of money on hair products. I love buying products for my skin and hair, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I was always on the search for the perfect product, a cure all. After switching to a vegan lifestyle, I discovered beauty secrets that are just as effective as all the processed bottled products. Some examples of great natural products are coconut oil, and raw honey. Coconut oils is amazing for hair and skin. Raw honey is great to use face masks or to cleanse the face, and works like a styling gel for curls( best with wet hair).

What is your original hair regiment?

When I wear my hair curly, I wash it then put a deep conditioner in for 5-10 minutes then comb my hair out. After rinsing, I follow with a leave in conditioner and add some coconut oil. Then let my hair air dry. When I wear my hair straight I always start with clean hair. I do my normal hair wash routine minus the leave in conditioner, instead I just put coconut oil in my damp hair. I blow dry with comb attachment, section my hair and before flat ironing each section I put heat protecting serum on and brush my hair. I use a fine tooth comb and comb from root to end while the flat iron follows. Also, I always wash my hair once a week.

What made you go natural?

I went natural because I was curious about my true hair. I would see picture of me as a child with this long hair and would think wow that’s my real hair. After shaving my head it was the perfect opportunity to go natural. Also, I think that the low maintenance of a shaved head spoiled me so I really didn’t want to go back to doing all the different processing things to my hair. I just wanted to let it be.


Who do you look up to for hair inspiration if anyone?

I look at the bold women in the streets. Sometime I see a women’s hair and it inspires me. I’ll think of their hair, plus a certain color, and add another style that’s been on my mind, thus creating my own version of a hair style.Also, I look at hair magazines a lot and I change my hair a lot too. After spending so much time in the hair salon I have picked up a few skills. I cut my own hair a lot because I’m really inspired by punk rock and rock and roll. You’re not a true rocker unless you take a pair a scissors/razor to your hair every now and then.

photo 2 (3)

I dunno what’s n the water on the west coast that makes these ladies so beautiful, but I LIIIIIIVE! You better work Ms. Ostralia!

Gorgeous dolls ready for their close up, please send your name and picture to [email protected] to be considered for a feature!!! You could be our next Doll on Display!

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