Doll on Display For The Month of March: Stephanie Miranda

All of our Dolls on Display are equally exceptional, but this month’s Doll is significantly close to my heart.  Since meeting Miranda in my Art Experience course last year we’ve become considerably close and now I can’t imagine life without her friendship.  The first thing I noticed about her were dark Latin features, long cascading curls, super snatched eyebrows and warm hazel eyes.  It didn’t hurt that when this Nicaraguan-Colombian beauty opened her mouth I realized she had a heart and soul of gold and a mind that was great enough to put forth all of those qualities and more. Miranda is also extremely active  in USF’s on campus christian fellowship, devoting her time and effort to organizations like Intervarsity as well as LaFe, the campus’s Latin christian fellowship.  It’s my pleasure to introduce to you all my sister, Stephanie Miranda.

1. Where do you reside and what do you do? I currently live in Tampa and am studying Interdisciplinary Social Science with cognates in Anthropology and Communication at USF. I am a full time student but most importantly I am working full time for God’s kingdom.

2. What was your family’s reaction to you going natural? My family for the most part is supportive in the decisions I make. They realize that going natural is a healthier lifestyle and may possibly be considering the same for themselves.

3. What is one hair product that you cannot do without? My Organic Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir w/ Sea Kelp, Argon Oil, and Shea Butter by the Shea Moisture line. It works well for dry, damaged hair and my hair indeed is in most need of moisture.

4. Do you have any hair wisdom you’d like to share with other natural beauties? Not all hair products that someone may offer you will work. However, it doesn’t hurt to try new products unless it’s some chemical treatment that burns off all your hair! I personally like reading what ingredients will be going into my hair. I think it’s imperative that we become well equipped, well aware, and well informed citizens.

5. What is your original hair regimen? I used to wash my hair 4-5 times a week back when I used in gel my hair. Then I slowly progressed to mousse even though that still contained harsh chemicals like alcohol that dried out my hair. I also almost never trimmed the ends of my hair!  As of today my hair regimen is a bit different and much healthier.  I wash my hair once every four days, then I use a a leave-in moisture conditioner and comb through my hair to evenly distribute the conditioner. Then I like to braid my hair and allow it to air dry.  Afterwards I finish up with my go to  Reconstructive Elixir.

6. What made you decide to go natural? My hair was constantly dry and I was tired of having to hide my split ends with gel. I don’t like that crunchy feeling of stiff hair that breeze couldn’t even move! I wanted my hair to be in its natural state the way God intended it to be. My hair is now bouncier, softer, weighs less, and manageable.

7. Who do you look up to for hair inspiration if anyone? Close friends like Abby (former Doll on Display) who almost always has fly hair! Her curls are amazing!

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