Doll on Display for the month of April: Tiffany Schultz


This month’s Doll on Display is coming to us live from Tampa.  Tiffany Schultz is more than a beautiful head of springy curls full of bounce, she’s also a caring, enthusiastic, and fun loving character.  Her big hair matches her even bigger personality, and speaking of personality, her’s can easily light up a room and change the entire tone of your day to something brighter and ten times more memorable.  Read on to find out how she keeps her curls healthy and happy!

1. Where do you reside and what do you do? I reside in Tampa, Florida and I am finishing my junior year as a Theater Performance major at USF. (Go Bulls!)

2. What was your family’s reaction to you going natural? Most of my family thought I was crazy and told me I wouldn’t last more than 6 months while I was transitioning. After my BC, everyone was like “Wow! Why didn’t you do this before?!”, “I love this look on you!” My mom is the only one who had some faith in me, but she was consistently warning me of the amount of effort it would take to maintain.

3. What is one hair product that you cannot do without?  Curl Sealer by Taliah Waajid!!  I’ve tried many products in my two years of naturalism and the curl sealer is strong enough to eliminate frizz but is soft enough so that you can still work with the hair after the product is in. I have a big frizz problem and I love that it doesn’t make your hair crunchy like other gels.

4. Do you have any hair wisdom you’d like to share with other natural beauties?   My advice to other naturalistas would be try new things! New products, new styles, etc. I most recently started experimenting with bantu knots and I’m sad that it took me so long! Also, be nice to your hair and it will be nice to you. Keep the ends cut and deep condition often. 

5. What is your original hair regimen?  I wash and condition with Pantene for Curly Hair. I use leave in conditioner for color treated hair and follow it with the Curl Sealer which I apply by finger combing  into my hair while blow drying it loosely, to give it some fullness.
6. What made you decide to go natural?  I absolutely hated my hair but I had been getting perms from when I was 6. I was a model and the permed hair just worked better for traveling purposes etc. I hated that I didn’t have any versatility and couldn’t get my hair wet and the texture of my hair. I wanted full hair. One day, I was looking at my baby pictures and saw my hair in a piture of me when I was 5 and it was big and beautiful! I was jealous of the 5 year old me Sigh. So, I asked my friends (a lot of them were going natural) and my mother (a retired hairstylist) and I embarked on my natural journey. NO regrets!! I love my hair so much.
7. Who do you look up to for hair inspiration if anyone?  Every single woman who is natural. Literally.



  • Crystal Wallace

    Tiffany your hair is beautiful!!!!

    • Tiff Schultz

      Thank you my love :)

  • Crystal Nicole Morgan

    Tiffany! You’re hair is complete awesomeness.

    • Tiff Schultz

      Thank you Crystal girrrlll!!! :) Thanks for reading!

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