Guess my hair type!

What a day! Today was my day off from work, and instead of finally completing the book that I’ve been reading since May, I decided to find out what my hair type was once and for all.  I normally don’t care much for hair typing.  I find it to be rather unnecessary, and at times [...]


It’s About Time My Curls Recognize…

It’s about time my curls recognize who’s boss?!!!!  Let me stop playin before they loosen up again.  So recently you have all had to suffer with me through the tragedy that is “my heat damaged hair.”  Though it’s still got some catching up to do, it seems as though my hair didn’t take to lightly [...]


Quick top knot doo for natural hair!

One more morning I was running late for work.  However it wasn’t my outfit that kept me (since all I wear each day are scrubs), but instead the thing that kept me was my best friend on most days and my arch nemesis on days like this…. my hair -_______-.  I was quickly running out [...]

obia natural

Obia Naturals is having a FLASH SALE!!!

Ya’ll….Y’ALL! Two words: STOCKING UP! Obia Naturals is having a flash sale tomorrow! 50% off their products! With results like this: and this: of course I have to stock up! 50% off of EVERYTHING! Go check em out and tell them Shatterproof Glass Dolls sent ya! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

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