Just A Lil Hair Inspiration Fo Ya Lyfe….

Ok, so do y’all remember one of our dolls on display from last year named Crystal Nicole? She is a breast cancer survivor who went from low fade to kick ass fro in just a couple of years! WELL, y’all….lookie here: That’s Ms. Nicole’s hair NOW folks! Now lemme just say, Nicole has become one of [...]


Hair Tutorial: Double Rope Bun Updo

Thank God for small favors! After the catastrophic mess that I went through last week with that weak excuse for a hair salon, I was left to do some serious improvising if I still wanted to look somewhat decent for my best friend’s wedding. After all I was the matron of honor. Dolls, when I [...]


Protective Style Challenge by Tyronda Gaskins

Hi Dolls! I am headed towards month two of my protective style challenge. I’m sure you’ve read about my epic fail with Havana twists so I will stick with the box braids. Any who, I am in a wedding in August and its gone be hotter than satan’s toenails that day!!! Therefore, i doubt that [...]


Guess my hair type!

What a day! Today was my day off from work, and instead of finally completing the book that I’ve been reading since May, I decided to find out what my hair type was once and for all.  I normally don’t care much for hair typing.  I find it to be rather unnecessary, and at times [...]

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