Share your Favorite Protective Style!

Share your favorite go-to protective style with us.  Whether it be braids, twists, or sew-in we wanna hear from YOU!  Whatever it is, send a photo of you rocking your utmost best when it comes to protective styling to [email protected] and we’ll post them in our tribute post on epic protective styles! Can’t wait to [...]


Epic Fail by Tyronda

Let’s talk about the epic fail that I had with Havana Twists. I was supposed to make a video but was too embarrassed at the way in which this installment went down so there is no video. I’ll tell you all about it though. So I started the twists as braids because I could not [...]


Vintage Natural: Lauryn Hill

This morning on my way to work I jammed to Nas’s hip hop classic “If I Ruled the World.”  I almost forgot how hype that song gets me and how whenever I hear it I think I can call my friends “sons” and wear Tims in 90 degrees Florida weather.  Nonetheless that song was legendary [...]


Tracee Ellis Ross wants to hear YOUR hair tips…

And I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit curious to hear a few of them myself. This afternoon our Girlfriends Doll Tracee Ellis Ross took to her Instagram and Twitter to send out a public service announcement to all fellow naturalistas to  share your hair tips with her.  Check out her invite video via YouTube posted below! [...]

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