Getting back my curls aka “The Struggle”

So as many of you may know, I’ve recently succumb to some pretty bad heat damage and as a result I’m trying my very best to get my natural curl pattern back.  I miss my curls like the desert miss the rain, I haven’t done a wash n’ go or afro puff in a good [...]


Elegant Natural Hair Updo for Sisterlocks

Got Sisterlocks?  Well after viewing this post you may consider getting them.  While YouTube browsing (generally looking to see if Kid Fury posted a new video) I stumbled upon this beautiful and creative updo tutorial for Sisterlocks.  The title of the video was ” Prom Inspired Natural Hairstyle~ Chunky Spinners” though I felt that the [...]


Guest Post: What I Think About Relaxers and Weave by Nerissa Irving

  Don’t misquote me !! My honesty upsets people but I don’t care. I will preach my knowledge becomes its my purpose and if you don’t like it you don’t have to listen. But before you misquote me and assume things let me break it down for you. – I don’t think relaxing your hair [...]

tumblr_m49utkKehv1qg2lf8o1_500 (1)

Stop stressing out your hair…

Nerissa Irving former Doll on Display, Playboy model and editor in chief of Kamoy magazine shares her input on heavy hair manipulation, loc maintenance and the commercialization of natural hair. Behold …

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