Feeling It or Not So Much? Charlotte Olympia Flavita Birdcage Feather Pump

O_o You know what, I’m not even gonna say anything good or bad about these shoes. All I wanna know is WHAT THE HELL DOES ONE WEAR WITH THESE? They’re on sale at Neiman Marcus for $1,068, but for that price tag, I’d wear them with EVERYTHING, FOREVER. lol! What do you think? Would YOU rock these?


If you can’t beat em…

So as some of you may know I wasn’t exactly successful at installing the Havana twists in my own hair like I had planned previously.  So in the mean time I had to find something to do with all of that Marley braid hair.  What I did was substitute one protective style for another and [...]


Ciara: Body Party music video

So did any of you get a glimpse of Ciara’s music video for her new single “Body Party?”  I mean the title alone introduces you into something that you may not be sexually prepared for( this woman is radically sexy).  In the music video that was released today Ciara gives us a sneak peak into [...]


Feeling it or not so much?! Denise Vasi in Ruben Singer

Hey Dolls!  This week during the Hollywood premiere of Oblivion, actress Denise Vasi showed up in this black leather cut out number from Ruben Singer’s Fall 2013 collection.  I gotta be honest with you,  I am NOT feeling this in the least bit.  I feel the dress is ill fitted on her and there is [...]

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