Feeling it or Not so Much?! Kim Kardashian

I still can’t tell whether she’s pregnant or not, But that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian from showing a little skin while heading out in Beverly Hills today.  The reality star dawned a Faith Connexion sheer overall jumpsuit.  I loved the look of class in this outfit.  Yes she’s showing her stomach but it’s subtle and [...]


Rihanna in…. Well Nothing

*covers face and peeps through fingers*  Oh my Dolls.  So did any of you see the photos of Rihanna leaving Eden’s Nightclub last night in a “next to nothing” Stella McCartney sheer dress?   For a dress that cost $613, wan’t nothin there !  It was almost as if her stylist tricked her into leaving her house [...]


Feeling it or Not so Much?!!!: Kim Kardashian’s Leather Opera Gloves and Celine Patent Leather Pumps

Hey Dolls!!!  This week Kanye’s baby mama  has been showing us the old Kim prior to Kanye raiding her closet.  In the past, the reality show diva was known for her chic, classic looks.  However as of lately she’s been seen wearing couture that’s a bit edgier (as a result of Kanye’s influences) then we’re [...]


Feeling it or Not so Much?! Serena Williams in Black and White Bodycon Topshop Dress

Now first and foremost, this post is going to  be a bit biased because Serena Williams  butt and thighs can do no wrong in my eyes.  I may not always like what she has on, but I sometimes lose sight of how bad it is because her body is so damn hypnotizing…I just CANNOT!  Anyways, Ms. [...]

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