Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya: Operation “Waist Snatching” Commences

YAAAAAS HUNTY! *snaps twice* I’m one week, three days post preggers and must admit that though I don’t miss being pregnant, I miss my tight tummy….(yay C-section! :-/). Because I had a C-section, I am unable to do any heavy lifting, strenuous activities, or otherwise fun stuff….lol! I was hoping that I could shoot out the [...]


Feeling It or Not So Much? Charlotte Olympia Flavita Birdcage Feather Pump

O_o You know what, I’m not even gonna say anything good or bad about these shoes. All I wanna know is WHAT THE HELL DOES ONE WEAR WITH THESE? They’re on sale at Neiman Marcus for $1,068, but for that price tag, I’d wear them with EVERYTHING, FOREVER. lol! What do you think? Would YOU rock these?

CL boutique

Fashion Obsession Friday: Christian Louboutin Opens A Fabulous Boutique In London!

Oh. My. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!! Dolls. DOLLS!!!! Have you heard about the stand alone boutique in London’s Harrod department store?!?Y’all, this place is SWANKY! I can’t even put into words how gorgeous it is. All I can really express is that I hope my corner of heaven is a HUGE room like this one with all of [...]


Feeling It or Not So Much? Lucy Liu in Thakoon Spring 2013 Birdcage Dress

Now, it’s no secret that I have a bit of a lady crush on Lucy Liu . I think she’s stunning in a simple, elegant, and unusual way (her freckles are my favorite part…lol). Anyway, she was spotted on the daytime  talk show The Talk last week wearing this spring dress. I found the neckline [...]

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