Wows and WTFs of the 2013 Oscars

The glitz, the glamour, the awkward chuckles as the host made his off color jokes….lol…all made for a very memorable Oscars Awards Show, wouldn’t you agree? But, as usual, my favorite part of the entire evening was….yup, you guessed it: THE FASHION! I saw way more hits and misses, but below are my most memorable [...]

First of all, I'm through with her body lol.

Feeling it or Not so Much?!: Iggy Azalea in Aqua by Aqua Del Ray

The first lady of Grand Hustler records, Iggy Azalea was photographed last night partying it up at the 2013 Pre- Brit Awards dinner.  The artist stepped out in this beautiful $270 floor length maxi dress by Aqua Del Ray which featured mesh paneling at the sides and a super low cut out in the back. [...]


Wows and WTFs 2013 Grammy Awards

Ok, so I checked out what the stars were wearing and I gotta tell ya, I was impressed! The powers that be laid down the law and banned overly revealing outfits from Grammys. That didn’t stop starlets from showing a lil’ somethin’ though! The dude’s were a hit or miss…but I’ll just show ya what [...]


Feeling it or Not so Much?! Kim Kardashian

I still can’t tell whether she’s pregnant or not, But that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian from showing a little skin while heading out in Beverly Hills today.  The reality star dawned a Faith Connexion sheer overall jumpsuit.  I loved the look of class in this outfit.  Yes she’s showing her stomach but it’s subtle and [...]

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