Wows and WTFs of the Golden Globes

Hey Dolls! Unlike the last show that I did, I can’t even remember what it was, it was so bad….lol! The starlets at the Golden Globes didn’t dissapoint! Wel.. most of them didn’t anyway…lol! As usual, we don’t own the pictures, just the snarky comments!      

I LOVE THE BUTTONS! Miss Mary Mack (aptly name...with silver buttons all down her back) by Crown vintage look like fabulous antiques! For a closer look, click the picture!

Fashion Obsession Friday: BOOTS!

  Ok, so….right before I became so ill, I thought my face was going to melt right off of my skull, I visited Indiana with the hubby to do some exploring and dropping off of the family after Thanksgiving. While there, we came upon my favorite store EVER! Yup, you guessed it, DSW!!!! So, I [...]


Photo of the Day

So my life was basically given when I saw Iggy Azaelea on the Vh1′s Diva’s purple carpet.  I know she couldn’t have been wearing panties but it’s still long enough to keep her from having a serious wardrobe malfunction #AdrienneBailon.  Take a look! proceeds into death drop…   photos courtesy of Tumblr:


DIY:Sexy Scarf Top

Hey Dolls!! During the week I studied my buns off for finals. However I did find time to make a brief tutorial on this killer scarf top that I came up with before my classes took over my life.  It’s a quick and simple look that you could pull off with a pair of high [...]

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