Doll On Display for the month of July: Ostralia

It has been FOR.EVER since we’ve had a Doll On Display feature! Imagine my excitement when I got an email from a lovely lady who wanted to feature her daughter! She attached some pictures, and as soon as I saw how stunning she was, I knew I just HAD to feature her! See for yourself! [...]


Just A Lil Hair Inspiration Fo Ya Lyfe….

Ok, so do y’all remember one of our dolls on display from last year named Crystal Nicole? She is a breast cancer survivor who went from low fade to kick ass fro in just a couple of years! WELL, y’all….lookie here: That’s Ms. Nicole’s hair NOW folks! Now lemme just say, Nicole has become one of [...]


Guest Post: What I Think About Relaxers and Weave by Nerissa Irving

  Don’t misquote me !! My honesty upsets people but I don’t care. I will preach my knowledge becomes its my purpose and if you don’t like it you don’t have to listen. But before you misquote me and assume things let me break it down for you. – I don’t think relaxing your hair [...]

tumblr_m49utkKehv1qg2lf8o1_500 (1)

Stop stressing out your hair…

Nerissa Irving former Doll on Display, Playboy model and editor in chief of Kamoy magazine shares her input on heavy hair manipulation, loc maintenance and the commercialization of natural hair. Behold …

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