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Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes

Now you all know I’m completely here for all things  beauty and skin care so I know when it comes to both, nothing’s better then taking the natural route!  Below I listed a few homemade sugar remedies from our friends over at Wellness  Now some of these ingredients may already be in your kitchen [...] Read more…


Skincare Product Review: EOS Shave Cream & Burt’s Bees Sugar Scrub

  Hey Dolls!  So it’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty/ skincare post ( 3 months to be exact).  But the wait is up!  Though I’ve been using Burt’s Bees  cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub since last year, I’ve noticed that with continued use I’ve had been having even greater results!  For shaving, [...] Read more…

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Natural skincare for baby

With a new niece on the way, it will be my duty as auntie extraordinaire to enforce the rules of fabulousness that Taneica will be sure to provide starting with of course, skin and hair care.   So I did some research on natural skin care products that would be gentle for baby while at [...] Read more…


Love What You Have by Tyronda

I have learned early on in life that I am impulsive. That’s my personality, it’s just who I am. Like it or leave it. However, my impulsive moves, usually more often than not, get me into trouble.  I don’t mean with the law (I ain’t cut out for prison. I’m too delicate LOL!), but with [...] Read more…


Beach Bum Naturals: How to protect your curls for a pool/beach day!

Hey Dolls!  Today was a great day for the beach, however things didn’t quite go according to plan.  So we (Abby and I) opted out of a beach day for a pool day instead.  I was REALLY feenin for the beach since it’s been a good little while since I’ve gone, but alas when we [...] Read more…


Hooray for Salmon!

Hey Dolls!  I totally could have come up with a better title *Kanye voice* but I’m jus sayin how I feel man.  I have a new found love for salmon that is absolutely out of this world!  It started back in January when I started to become a little more disciplined when it came to [...] Read more…

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Fashion Obsession Friday: Mirror Metallics

  Read more…


Natural Skincare: Lemon and Honey Facial

What do we know about lemon and honey?  Well most of us are most familiar with the two when it’s properties are drawn out into tea in order to heal or soothe a sore and/or irritated throat.  But did you also know that it could give you clearer skin?  This homemade face mask will help [...] Read more…



As we burst into the new year, we have decided to shake things up in the doll house and want YOU to be a part of that! This year, we want to open up our website to our creative, talented, inspired, and fabulous readers and give you the floor. We’re looking for writers of all [...] Read more…



Congratulations TYRONDA!!! Please email your name and address to [email protected] and I will email your prize by Friday 1/11/13!!!! I’m SO excited for you to try this, girl, it’s gonna rock your world! Read more…


Have you Taken Your Vitamins Today?!

Most of us know that  remembering our daily vitamins is good for our bodies, but how many of us know that they’re also essential to our hair and skin?!  Well for those who didn’t know, here are a few essential vitamins that will help you achieve healthier, stronger hair. Vitamin C  strengthens the immune system but may also [...] Read more…

Disregard the crazy plaits in my head. It was BED TIME! lol!


HEY DOLLS! Happy Wednesday! *waves furiously* It’s on the front end of 30 something degrees here and I have to tell ya, my skin has been needing higher levels of TLC as the temperatures drop lower here in central Illinois. Now, my southern and west coast dolls may not know the feeling just yet (but they [...] Read more…

Bahama Breeze 
3045 N Rocky Point Drive East  
Tampa, FL 33607

We’re Coming For Ya Florida!!!!

Bahama Breeze 3045 N Rocky Point Drive East Tampa, FL 33607 SEE YOU THERE! That’s right ladies! The Shatterproof Soiree is coming home! The 2nd Annual Shatterproof Soiree will be taking place in Tampa Florida on November 11th at Bahama Breezes! The soiree will start at 11 am sharp and will end at 1pm. Trust [...] Read more…


Chicago Shatterproof Soiree

OH. MY. GAWD. CHICAGO WAS DOPE! We have been scheming on doing an event in Chicago since I laid eyes on this place 2 years ago. The air and vibe of Chicago is ELECTRIC! I love the city bustle, the food, AND the natural coils that I see, all up and down Michigan Ave! Imagine my [...] Read more…

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