The Harsh Reality of Hard Water….

Before I get into this post, I just want to make a confession….for those of you who have been with SPGD from the beginning, you’re probably well aware of the amount of natural hair posts that have been up and through this site and have noticed the lack thereof over the past year or so. The past few years living in Decatur, have been tough on my skin and hair. In this post, I will share with you the reason why I have been so reluctant, if not down right unable to post pics and tutorials, and reviews that have to do with hair and skin products.

The good old days....circa 2011ish

The good old days….circa 2011ish

When we first started this blog, both Sherica and I had a wealth of knowledge about our own natural hair as we’ve never had perms or processed our hair in any way.We were both super eager and excited to share our tricks and tips with newly naturals or veterans just looking to shake things up a bit. Week after week, we’d spill beans and week after week, we felt like we were doing lotsa good in the natural hair community. Fast forward a little bit to 2011/12 when I moved to Decatur, Illinois. I noticed a change in my skin and hair.

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My skin and hair these days…glow in my skin is gone. shine in my hair is no more.


When we moved here in July or 2011, My skin was smooth, even toned, and a practically glowed…like bronzed copper or something. My favorite part of my physical features has always been my skin. Pimples were never an issue for me, and since I had combination skin, neither were dry spots or oily skin. By the Winter to Spring of 2012, my skin and hair just went…haywire and I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t hold moisture in it, no matter what products I tried. My hair, that would grow with a vengeance, began snapping. Split ends started cropping up outta nowhere, and I couldn’t trim quick enough! Not to mention my skin started breaking out. My tried and true Clinique stopped working, and I found that my skin was getting darker. Now, I’ve never been light skinned, but had a very healthy, brown complexion.


My hair before we moved out of Florida

I was at a loss y’all. Shortly after my 30th birthday in September of 2012,  I found out I was pregnant and my skin and hair went from bad to worse. You know that whole pregnancy glow and hair down to your butt that everyone talks about happening during pregnancy thanks to hormones? Yea….nope, I didn’t get any of it. As you can imagine, I went from feeling super confident and at peace with the way I looked to…well…out of sorts I guess. How and what the hell do I have to tell y’all about your hair, when I couldn’t get my hair and skin to act right?  It’s strange, but I really didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror anymore. She looked older, but not in a way that I was proud of. My skin and hair were going APE, had been going ape, And I had no idea what to do. NONE. Hell, for a while there, I thought that I might be sick with something internally! Like…why the hell else would my hair be breaking the way it was and why was my skin looking so awful?  I visited the doctors and got clean bills of health left and right and though that was great, it was frustrating to not know what the F*CK was going on with my skin and hair. 3 years y’all….and finally I think I know what the problem is.

My hair now...I just can't.

My hair now…I just can’t.

A month or so ago, I was talking to my good friend and former Doll On Display Nicole, and mentioned to her that my skin hadn’t been the same since I moved to the Midwest. I broke down and told her everything, from the dry skin issue, to my hair snapping off, no matter how many protective styles and water, oil combos I used to moisturize DAILY. She took one look at me and said, “girl…it’s the water!”

She went on to explain to me how hard Decatur’s water is and all of the stuff that they put in it make it even harder. It’s crazy y’all! It’s like a light bulb just went off in my head. I thought of why I stopped hennaing my hair. It was because my hair was to damn dry afterwards and couldn’t hold moisture for shit. I tried everything y’all. EVERYTHING! Nothing worked. For three damn years, I’ve kept myself hidden. I stopped with my videos because my hair just kept getting worse and my skin was all but falling off of my face, it seemed. I also stopped doing reviews, because my hair looked awful after just about everything I tried. Even my old tried and trues like Oyin Juices and Berries and Cantu Shea Butter! Nothing was working y’all. After much research, and I mean MUCH research, I realized Nicole was right. It really WAS the water. I was both pissed with myself for not figuring this out sooner, and relieved that I finally had a cause. Now, I can start working on a solution!

Upon looking into some research, I decided that I just needed to stop using the tap water here all together. I now wash my face with bottled water. I’ve been doing so for a little over a month now actually, and it has proven to be most successful in reversing the damage of the hard water this far. I’ve had to put Clinique on the back burner for a spell though. I found that it wasn’t helping with fading my dark spots (caused by the drying affects of the hard water here, I assume), so I have been using Ambi for the last 4 days. I’ve heard great things and bad things about Ambi, so…let’s see! The good news is, I’ve stopped breaking out! Now, I just hope to get rid of the scaring left behind by the zits that once were and the dark patched on my cheeks and forehead.

As for my hair, I was initially using swimmers shampoo, hoping that it would shield my hair from the chlorine in the tap water. All it has done is leave me super itchy and kinda funny smelling though. Neither of which I enjoy. So, until we can afford a decent filter system for the shower, I will be washing my hair with bottled water too! First attempt at this hi-jinks, takes place tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted on whether it goes well or not. Keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully 2015 will be the year of my hair and skin’s comeback tour!

  • Andrea H.

    Hi Taneica,

    Youtuber Mahogany Curls recently posted a video with her hard water hair regimen tutorial. I haven’t tried it out yet but check it out. It may may work for you!


    • Taneica

      Thanks so much! I actually watched the video and tried her regime with a twist this past weekend. My hair felt significantly better after my wash and deep condish, but the moment of truth will be taking my hair down and seeing how it retains moisture and whether it continues to break. I’ll be doing a post on my results tomorrow. Thanks again! You may have just saved me from going bald!

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