My Skin’s Current State…

Hey dolls!!! I just wanted to drop in and show ya, what’s goin’ on with mah skin! So, as most of you may know, I am here in t he good ole’ state of Illinois, battling this here hard water, that has done a number to my skin and hair, as chronicled here.

I have since decided to limit, if not eliminate tap water from my skin care and hair care regimes, and I have to tell ya, the results thus far are ah-mazing. I’ve been washing my face with distilled, bottled water for little over a month now, and when I tell you may skin has cleared up significantly, I mean…wow! Here’s the photo that I uploaded originally:


Now, that picture was taken after a week of strictly washing my face with distilled water, using Ambi complexion soap and correction lotion to even my skin tone back out. Here’s a photo of my skin after a month, using this regimen:


My skin has evened out, it’s not as dry anymore, and my skin doesn’t itch horribly after I wash my face! HUGE plus! I will say,I still battle with dry skin and have to moisturize throughout the day. That’s something that I didn’t have to do before! I’m figuring that the reason my skin dries out quicker though, is because the weather here is so damn DRY and COLD. I’m curious to see how my skin reacts in the warmer weather that, fingers crossed, should be starting here in the next five weeks or so…..*bows head* ‘Lord Jesus, please let the weather warm up in five weeks or so…AMEN.’

My hair is still not what I want it to be, though it HAS been improving. This past two weeks, I take full responsibility for not actively moisturizing my hair daily, or washing it for that matter. I do have an explanation/excuse though. I’ve been staving off a cold. I slathered coconut oil, all through my hair last weekend with every single intent of washing it. Just so happened that the next morning, I started hacking up green stuff and was told by my concerned husband to keep my head dry and get over the cold. Here we are 10 days later. *hangs head in shame* I’m gonna get it together though…I swear. I’m gonna wash it and let it rest, I have to admit, that I’ve learned that I’m not much for keeping my hair out. I do much better with braided styles and the like. I think I’m gonna do crochet braids again.



I really like how low maintenance they are! They are also low manipulation on my real hair, but offer me access to my scalp so that I can moisturize my hair underneath! It’s worth a shot! Stay tuned for that new doo!

Before I go, I just wanna give y’all an update on my video/vlogging situation. I wanna get back into it so badly…desperately even, but at the moment, I am, still using my banged up Dell, that won’t upload new editing software. In addition to that mess, I am in a bit of a back and forth ordeal with Adobe, trying to get the software serial numbers to upload my purchased Adobe Premier program to my new laptop when I get it! It’s so difficult to not get discouraged, but when I look back at the few things that I’ve done so far in my life that are worth being proud of, I’m reminded that none of those things came easily to me. I’ve had to claw, fight, cry, and pray my way through to get anywhere and everywhere in this life so far. So, if I’m gonna make SPGD something bigger than what it is, I’m just gonna have to get over the fact that it’s gonna be a bumpy ride to get it there. You guys make the ride super fun though! You dolls are like my glamorous pit crew! You keep my axles tight and my wheels at the proper air amount. ;-) Thanks so much for dropping by and reading my ramblings. Thanks so much for commenting, and thanks so much for emailing me from time to time. I’m eternally grateful. Welp, that’s enough mushiness, I think! LOL! Stay tuned for my fresh doo and more of my fitness journey (I want a chocolate bar so badly y’all…but I ain’t gon do it! lol)! Until next time, stay gorgeous!


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