My Kanekalon Hair Dye Flop…

So, for the past several months, I’ve been jonesing for a little bit of color in my life. I’ve been fantasizing about midnight blue, navy blue, or bluish back hair for AT LEAST a year. However, I have no desire to dye my own hair. The commitment is too much, and since I work in news, it would be a career killer to try and report around here with different array of colors on my hair. lol. Anyway, since I’m in between jobs at the moment, I have been actively searching for extensions in the colors that I am looking for, so I can rock something different before I head back to work. Enter crochet braids:

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I love my hair in this style because it’s quick, simple, gives me easy access to my scalp, and my hair grows like weeds when I wear it in these things. I also LOVE the versatility of crochet braids! Your can wear your hair long, short, edgy, classic, several different textures, and several different colors without compromising your hair underneath! I figured if I could just find some kanekalon hair in navy blue or something similar, I could give this new color a spin before returning to usual me.

Finding navy blue weave proved to be SUPER difficult though. I mean, I couldn’t find it anywhere! A known fact is that synthetic hair is super difficult to alter, especially colorwise, so it’s best to find the hair in the shade you want, instead of trying to dye a bag yourself. However, after several dead ends, including one that led to a store in California called “I Kick Shins” (don’t even bother), I just decided to try to find some research on how to dye some hair with a rinse or something.

I watched several YouTube videos about how to dye Kanekalon, including this one:

It seemed simple enough, so I visited my local hair store for some marley hair to try this out. The sales lady convinced me that I would be able  to use a rinse to do it, so against my better judgement, I gave it a try. I figured if anyone would know what products would work in the store, she would anyway!


Boy was I wrong. Oh. My. GAWD dolls, what a bust :-/. As soon as I got home, I grabbed two sandwich bags, some alcohol and gloves and got to trying. The instructions said to leave the dye on for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water, so I applied the dye to two pieces of weave. I mixed one baggy with dye and rubbing alcohol and dropped the weave in it, and then another bag with just dye and dropped some hair in that one too. I left them in their respective dye baggies for an hour, hoping that  the dye would take even more color, but nope. As soon as I rinsed, the color just washed right off of BOTH.

I got irritated and headed to Hobby Lobby in search of some acrylic paint so I could mix my own damn dye and try again.


That was even a bigger joke.I did exactly what the video above suggested, except use the exact paint (Hobby Lobby didn’t carry it), and let the hair sit overnight. This what I woke up to:


Sigh. It was a dark brown at best. The piece on the left is dyed, the piece on the right is undyed. The look EXACTLY the same to me. The difference is in the texture though. The peice that I dyed was SUPER matted. AAAAAAARG! Have any of you ever dyed synthetic hair? WHAT DID YOU USE?

  • saki

    Hi, so ikickshins has a physical store? I really like and miss her online store. If you’re looking for purple try Janet nior they have some funky shades.

    • Taneica

      I don’t think Ikickshins has a brick and mortar store, but when I tried to order online, my order was rejected. I’ll look into that store you mentioned though, because I’m craving some color! Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope you visit again really soon!

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