Makeup Monday: Ulta Foundation and Buffing Brush Review

Hey Glamazons! Today’s makeup Monday post is about a foundation brush and buffing brush that I picked up from Ulta! Today I’ve got a good ole review for y’all! Wanna hear it, here it go!


So, previous to purchasing these brushes, I was using the ELF stippling brush to apply foundation and a blending sponge to tone down my contouring and over application of blush….I am an amateur after all. lol!

Well, one afternoon while Twyla and I were perusing our favorite place (next to DSW and Barnes and Nobel) Ulta, my eyes fell on these very sexy brushes. They were Ulta brand, looked high quality and were on sale, 2 for $14. Come here in my brush collection Ulta brushes. rofl!


After fondling with the brushes that they had on display, I decided to go with the foundation brush and the buffing brush. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the foundation brush, and I actually wanted that one more than the buffing brush, so I just kept my eyes peeled for another shipment. It never came, and I didn’t get my hands on the slanted foundation brush until a week and a half later on a trip to Cincinnati!

I stopped into their Ulta and they had one more angle foundation brush and 2 buffing brushes. I snatched em up and purchased them with a quickness.

I got them home and tried them out the following day. I absolutely loved the firmness of the bristles on the foundation brush. It’s packed densely, so I found that I didn’t need a lot of product to get really good coverage all over my face. I read some reviews on the brush and saw a person complaining about the brush too small. My face ain’t that big, so I didn’t find that to be a problem. The brush looks like it costs way more than 14 dollars. It’s originally priced at $16, so I literally got a steal, getting them BOTH for $14!


About the buffing brush, it is amazing giving your face an airbrushed finish.


I LOOOOVE THEM! I actually purchased more brushes after using them for a week! They even hold their shape after being washed! I would recommend these brushes to anyone, hell, I am recommending them to YOU! Check em out, links below!

That’s all I’ve got for y’all, catch y’all on the next post! Until then, stay gorgeous dolls!

Ulta Foundation brush here

Ulta Buffing brush here

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