Makeup Monday: My Makeup Wishlist

Today’s makeup Monday post is one that I have been meaning to do for a looooong time. It’s my makeup wishlist! So, as many of you already know, I am a big makeup fan these days, and I am getting a Lil more adventurous with different colors! I am also beginning to appreciate other products that I would’ve never thought to try before, but am now more interested in….damned Youtube makeup tutorials! lol! Without further ado, my makeup wishlist. HEY JEFF, I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS!!!

Let’s start with Urban Decay, who has the most highly pigmented, best color payoff of any eyeshadow that I’ve seen in FOREVER. Not surprising, the prices of these pallets are way more expensive than anything that I’ve ever lusted after.


This is like the 4th or 5th pallet in the Urban Decay Naked pallet collection, but it’s the first one that I’ve gotten a love jones for. Unfortunately, my heart is and eyelids are willing, but my bank account ain’t able. This pallet is $54. Click the link if you’re a baller and want it for yourself, though! lol


I think that the Urban Decay Naked Smoky pallet is perfect for the fall months, with  warm colors like “whiskey” and “radar” and cool colors like “dagger” and “armor”.


The other pallet that I need in my life is just as nice, but even more money. This is the Vice 4 pallet. I loooove the colors, especially grasshopper. I tried that color on myself at Ulta, and got my life. Now I want the whole damned pallet. It’s $60 bucks though, CAN A GIRL GET A SALE THOUGH?!?!? Damn. :-(


Tell me this case is everything you want and need in your life. Go ahead….say it! #badass

Like seriously, don’t try to be cute. Run, don’t walk to your nearest Ulta and get this pallet on your payday. No, get TWO of these pallets on your payday, and send my broke ass the second one. LOL!

Next things on my lust list are two brushes that I want in the worst way. It has become very evident to me that I have VERY expensive taste when it comes to makeup. Mama Dee budget, with Beyonce taste. Figures…lmao!



First time I saw this makeup brush, my heart skipped a beat. I love everything about it. from the pink handle, to the densely packed bristles….



And the super cute heart-shaped design that it has going on. It’s a limited edition brush for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it’ll be gone after Halloween! Click the link and snag you one for $30!

The next brush that had me in my feelings was this brush from the IT brushes for Ulta line.


I mean, the brush is just sexy. It’s big, and black, and sleek, and the bristles are SO SOFT. It literally feels like you’re brushing your face with a brush made with hair from a mystical unicorns tail. For $48, I bet they DO have a barn with some unicorns somewhere.

Let’s move on to some MAC products that I want all of.


So, I saw a young lady on Youtube, getting her JLo glow on, and she used this as her base/primer on her cheeks and her forehead. She looked amazing! I need to get my hands on some, so that I can glow like a bronzed, Godiva goddess…#yas! You can get a bottle of the stuff for $33, or you can get a travel size for $10. Click the picture for either!


I have been eyeballing this product for a while, since I have become more fascinated with pigments, and figuring our how to get them to stay in on place on my eyelid. I watched yet another young lady on Youtube using this on her lids with a gold shimmer pigment and all I could do was drool at how bright the color payoff was. It looked amazing! It’s not too shabby in price either! Just $14! Click the picture for a tube of your own! :-)

Last but not least, Lush cosmetics lust list item:


I actually had this product already but recently ran out of it. Admittedly it took me almost 3 years, but I enjoyed it so much, I need another one. I NEEEEEEED IT! This stuff is amazing as a bronzer in your foundation (if you’re black or Rachel Dolezal), or as an eyeshadow. For $20, the uses for this stuff are practically endless. Click the picture to get you some!

Alright dolls, so that’s it for me! Let me know below what’s on YOUR lust list!


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