Makeup Monday: KleanColor Metallic Sapphire

Howdy Dolls! Lately, I have become quite obsessed with metallic nail colors, namely KleanColor metallics. I love and want them ALL. I think I have most of them, save one or two, but I am making a very impressive collection…lol! My favorite shade thus far is Metallic Sapphire. Ironically, blue is my least favorite color, but I can’t get enough of how blue looks on me. #sovain. LOL!


If you are looking for a nail lacquer that packs a powerful and colorful punch, KleanColor is the way to go for sure. The color has high gloss shine, even before you put a top coat on it, it lasts very long on the nail (at least 2 weeks on me), and is very well priced ($3.80 for a bottle, and $8.19 for a full set or colors ). There’s very little to complain about, but I do have one biiiiig beef with these nail polishes. Even though they give you a candy coat/shiny car type look, they smell like the paint you actually use to paint cars. Holy hell, the smell of this stuff is so strong! You might need to use it outside, or with a window open. It’s smell is REALLY that strong. I know that nail polishes don’t typically smell like chocolate cupcakes, but seriously, this stuff smells worse than any other brand of nail polish I have used to date. The only other complaint I have is that you have to hit the exact same spots for your second coat, or you will get a silver cast around the edges of your nails. I assume that is the metallic base of the nail polish.


Other than those two things, the polish is the bomb dot com, and is worth every red cent.

Fortunately for y’all, you can find this polish and many others in my Amazon store HERE! Go get yourself a bottle, and lemme know what ya think, will ya?


So, I am really trying to stay committed to getting content on this here blog on a regular basis, but it is proving to be very tough with a sassy two year old, who loves to play with her mom ALL DAY. However, I want to thank the hell outta you guys for sticking with me, visiting, and reading, and telling your friends :-) . Continue to do all of that cool stuff, and follow me on all of my various outlets (Twitter, Periscope, Blab, and Instagram @spglassdoll, Facebook, ! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’ll see y’all again real soon on here, and everywhere!

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