Beauty Product Review: Skinsorials by Bare Minerals

Today’s post is a beauty product review for a new skin care system called Skinsorials by Bare Minerals!

As you may already know, I have been struggling to keep my skin looking youthful and healthy since moving to Central Illinois. This water hates me and I don’t like it much either. My skin and hair got the brunt of the damage from the water (obviously) and I’m just now figuring out how to repair/reverse the damage.

In my quest to find products that my skin would respond well to, I’ve tried Topiclear, Ambi, and even Clinique Three Step! That used to work wonders for my skin in Florida! Here, in the drier, cooler weather, not so much.

Though using distilled water to wash my face instead of tap water improved my skins overall condition, my glow was still not coming through as much as I’d hoped and my skin still wasnt as even as it once was.

Enter Skinsorials:


Whilst visiting my favorite place on earth next to DSW…Ulta, I was convinced by one of the store associates to try a new product. the used my tragically ashy hand (it was a wintery mess outside, don’t judge me) for the demonstration. I was sold, but broke, so went back and picked up the starter kit for $60 the following week.

I started using it, and swear to you that I saw results within DAYS.

My skin about a week ago

My skin about a week ago

My skin this morning. NO FILTER Y'ALL!!!

My skin this morning. NO FILTER Y’ALL!!!

My glow is back!!! Now to be fair, I have been drinking enough water to drown a small colony of rats, but I am pleasantly suprised that this stuff actually works. For the money, I’m also relieved. lol!

So, lemme give you the run down of how you’re supposed to use this stuff.

First thing I used was the pure plush deep cleansing foam. this is my favorite of the three products used, because it smells like grapefruits. It’s absoluetly succulent and invigorates the senses. I also love the fact that a little goes a LONG WAY. I’m not kiding y’all, a pea sized amount will get your ENTIRE FACE. The foam is nice and thick, and literally disolves makeup right off of the face. It’s absoluetly incredible!

After rinsing with distilled water, I then move on to the Skinlogevity Vital Power Infusion. This serum is very watery, but extremely hydrating. It’s got something in it called Long Life Herb and California poppy. Both of these things promise to protect the skin from visible signs of aging, and to promote more youthful looking skin. Sign me up!

The last thing I have to slather on to my face is Bare Haven, a very thick skin moisturizer. This stuff really seems to lock in all of the awesomeness from the first two products and makes my skin super supple. It’s got St Johns Wort in it. A potent plant that defends against signs of damage and dry, dehydrated skin.

I’m totally a beleiver of this product and think you will be too, if you give it a try. You can order it from Ulta’s website, and  if worse comes to worse, and it doesnt work, you can return it to your nearest store or ship it back. I highly doubt that will be necessry though. It’s a phenomenal product. Well done Bare Minerals! Well done!

Purchase Here: Ulta


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