And The Whack Award Goes To….Wet N Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner

I haven’t given out a whack award since Twyla came to be! It’s not that there hasn’t been things or people to put on blast per se, I’ve just been too focused on burning fat to blog about it. Well, honeys, gird your loins, because I have a list of beauty products, companies, and folks to bring up on their awareness, and yours. Starting with Wet and Wild’s ridiculous colored eyeliners.


WOW. What a beauty bust. Now, I’m not TOO salty because the pencils only cost me 99 cents a pop. However, as I am sure you can agree, nothing is more annoying than spending your coins on a product, getting it home, trying it out, and finding it to be a flop.

I picked up two colors that I have been very curious to try, but am really unsure of because of my “maximum brown-ness” ;-) . Last thing I want is to be out here in these streets serving you all Wesley Snipes circa 1995 as Noxeema in To Wong Foo.



Anyway, I got a lil bold and chose blue and purple. I’ve seen some women on Instagram and YouTube who are advanced dark like me who look amazing in the blue eyeliner! It’s a nice introduction to bolder colors on your eyes if you’re too shy to bust out of the gates donning primary colors atop your eyelids.  Imagine my disappointment when I broke them open and tried them on. First of all, I tried them on my eyelids and couldn’t see them, so I tried it out on my arm to make sure they actually drew.Here’s what they looked like on my arm:


So, the blue you can see very well, but the purple, not so much. Both colors were super dry and required pressure to draw. That was fine for my arm, but to do the same thing on a delicate eyelid would be TORTURE. No thanks. I tried the blue on one eye, and the purple on the other. Here’s the purple:


YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE IT! Such a pity, because I actually really love the shade. It’s a waste of money if you’re dark complected like me, or have nerve endings in your eyeballs that inhibit you from poking a hole in your face, trying to apply this crap. :-(

I then tried the blue. It fared a little better on my face, and actually showed up, I just hated how DRY it looked. Maybe I have just been spoiled by using liquid eyeliner for so many years. Sigh, Here’s the blue:


It’s just not as vibrant as it is on my arm. These were a flop for me. Maybe if I dipped them in some oil first, but I don’t want to risk giving myself an infection in my orbitals trying to make some shoddy, cheap, eyeliner work. I’ll just save up my pennies and try something in liquid. Stay tuned!

In other news, Y’all see mah skin though, right?!?!?!? It’s coming back, dolls! I’ve been washing my face with distilled water for over a month, and have been sucking down as much of the stuff as I can stomach. I don’t drink soda or juice. Only water (one hot cup of water in the AM as suggested by my daddy) and 3 more 16 ounce bottles throughout the day. I wanna do 4, but I’m not there yet. Lol! I feel that all of this water drinking and tap water avoiding is really helping me out! I’ll let you guys know how MY HAIR holds up when I take out these crochet braids.


I love this style because it’s so easy, I CAN DO IT. I also like that I still have access to my scalp, so I can moisturize and grease :-) . Let’s see how the length and health of my hair fares in a couple of weeks when I take these bad boys out!

Have a fabulous evening, and until next time, stay fabulous dolls!

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