Manic Monday: Brain by Banks

Heard this song in this video: Say what you want, pole dancing is an impressive talent and Ms. Soren High is a perfect ecample of that. Anyway, I absolutely love the song.Banks seems like a fairly new artist, but she’s definately someone to give a good listen too. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment [...]

We're all here! :-)

It’s been HOW LONG since my last post?!?!?

Dolls *sips wine*, ladies, it’s been REAL in the dollhouse for the past month! I have been gathering up material for you (I’m getting back to youtube!), and setting up some interviews! I’m still on my overight shift at the news station and still taking care of a baby and a husband (who is someties [...]

Taneica and Sherica2

The Future of Shatterproof Glass Dolls….

I feel like this post is like a year and a half overdue….maybe more, but it still needs to be done, so…here it is. For those of you who have followed us since July of 2010, we are so sorry that we haven’t been able to continue to provide the same amount of content and [...]


Manic Monday: Who Do You Love by LL Cool J feat Total

Hey there dolls! Today’s Manic Monday jam is from one of my first crushes. I used to have a HUGE crush on Mr. Cool J. Anyway, yea….sigh….enjoy!

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